Promelt Slicer Extreme

Promelt Slicer Extreme

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PROMELT SLICER EXTREME is the ideal blend of complex chlorides with magnesium chloride pellets. PROMELT SLICER EXTREME was created to offer the ultimate in fast melting action even during extreme weather conditions, while limiting the chloride impact on the environment.

  • Superior ice melting performance
  • Hygroscopic nature speeds up the brining process
  • Bores down into the snow & ice pack upon impact
  • Performs to -13˚F (-25˚C )
  • Longer lasting residual effect, reducing reapplication frequency
  • Emits less chlorides into the environment
  • Less harmful to concrete and the environment due to its low alkalinity
  • Safer for people, plants and pets
  • 100% natural
  • Low toxicity (LD50)
  • Appealing color prevents over application

Easy application - convenient 44lb (20kg) packaging for easy handling


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